About Us

Values and Goals:

Taking care of our clients first is our top priority. This can mean so many things in trades, but for us, it means being upfront and honest, telling them what they need to hear versus what they want to hear and developing a long term relationship with them.

Finishing the work we started, even if it’s very difficult and alters timelines, is critical to us because it’s critical to our clients. 

Our Commercial clients need to get back to business as quickly as possible. Ensuring they know where projects are before they ask helps them to operate at their maximum potential, taking one more task off their plate every day. 

Our company culture is to treat every client with respect even when they are not necessarily right. We consider future referrals before our own egos, and often say, “I care about today’s job, but not nearly as much as I do about your future referrals, which is why today I want to treat you like a valuable Jewel.

The Jewels of Jewel Electric

Apprentice Jeff Palmer

Founder and Master Electrician

Robb Lacey

Robb started his apprenticeship 20 years ago in high school, as a first-generation RAP student. He completed his education in BC, then completed a master’s certificate in Alberta. He is trained in solar, electric vehicle charging stations and a very experienced troubleshooting technician. You might say he likes to solve puzzles, but he really loves to learn and continue to grow as a professional and a person.